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Welcome to the online folk music instruments shop. Please have a look around and check out the carefully selected range of folk music instrument and accessories.

In addition to the great choice of folk music instruments, we  also include videos which relate to products featured in the store. We include excellent promotions and documentaries by instrument manufacturers and helpful reviews which we find on YouTube. There is always loads to check out.

As you would expect, the UK Folk Music – Shop online store also include hundreds of accessories which are always needed by musicians. Everything from bags and cases to tuners and music stands.

We are always on the look out for new and exciting items which we can include in the shop, so please keep visiting.

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UK Folk Music

Because we are part of the UK Folk Music network of websites, we understand the requirements of folk music musicians and singers. Everything from a set of strings to a ‘Costalotti Melodeon’, we try to cover all requirements. We even provide for banjo players and bodhran bashers …. with a huge choice of instruments and spares.

UK Folk Music - RadioHome Recording

With the rising interest in recording your own material at home, we also include a section which features many items of useful gear.

USB Microphones and guitar leads which  can be plugged directly into your PC or Laptop, plus mic stands and microphone holders.

We are part of the UK FolK Music network of websites.